• Bob Lowe featured on
    Emmy Award-Winning show:
    The Savage Report



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Bob Lowe featured on
Emmy Award-Winning show:
The Savage Report



Immigration Lawyer Charleston, SC

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Deportation Hearings, Naturalization Proceedings, Work Related and Family-Based Immigration Visas, Waivers, and Business Visas.

There are a number of immigration lawyers in Charleston and South Carolina ’s Lowcountry.  As you review our website, you will see that the LoweFirm®, an Immigration Lawyer in Charleston, SC, is different.

First, please note that we are different from many other immigration lawyers because our training and experience is based on problem solving techniques developed during over 30 years of complex business litigation practice.  That experience has made a difference to hundreds of clients who have sought help from us.  We are proud that our immigration law firm’s managing partner, Robert Lowe, has been recognized throughout Charleston and the Lowcountry as an accomplished immigration attorney. When South Carolina passed its new immigration law, we were the only immigration lawyers to be interviewed by the Emmy Award Winning “Savage Report.” You will see that we pointed out many misperceptions about immigration and immigrants as well as numerous flaws underlying this unfair law. The segment ran for a full five days.

If you need an advocate, someone who has a history and record of solving complex immigration law problems, please call us at (843) 725-4500.

Immigration Lawyer Charleston, SC

Second, please note the quality of our experience in immigration law.  We not only regularly deal with immigration legal matters but are experienced complex trial lawyers.  We have represented and continue to represent clients in Charleston federal court and the Immigration Courts of Atlanta, Charlotte and Stewart on issues as serious as immigration fraud, cancellation of removal, waivers of inadmissibility and asylum appeals.  We have also appeared in Arlington, Virginia and Baltimore, Maryland Immigration Courts.  We also handle bond hearings as well as family  based and related petitions.  Like our trial practice, our petition practice is also varied.

For example, we are working on numerous family based petitions seeking permanent residency for husbands, wives, other family members as well as fiancé(e)s.  We represent permanent residents who now seek naturalization as well as those whose status is threatened by police contact.  We have also been asked to assist other practitioners in “special” cases.  We have and currently handle numerous waiver of inadmissibility and cancellation of deportation cases as well as asylum cases.  We have experience with specialized petitions like those brought under the “Violence Against Women’s Act” and the “U” petition based victim of crime petition.  All of our petition-based work is facilitated with the aid of inter-active computer-based programs.  These programs are designed to streamline the maze of legal processes for our clients thus reducing the overall costs.

Selecting an immigration lawyer is one of the most important decisions you can make to solve your immigration issue. For example, you want an attorney on your side who has passion, one who cares about you.  If you want to get an idea of “who” we are, we ask that you review our main website and see that we are dedicated to helping others.  In seeking immigration advice, know that we are comfortable representing individuals as well as small business through what has become the maze of U.S. Immigration laws.   We do not believe that all issues or problems can be solved the same way.  Resolving complex issues is not new to us.  For over 30 years, we have been able to resolve multifaceted and complex litigation issues and have brought that experience to immigration law.  As many know, motions to re-open cases brought about by lack of notice, for example, and associated battles are often hard fought.

Bring your papers and dreams to us and we will sit down with you for a minimum of 30-45 minutes and, for a competitive consultation fee, let you know if and how we can help you begin to solve the immediate problems facing you.  The consultation fee will be credited toward a mutually agreed upon representation.

We have staff that speak Spanish and have interpreters on call who speak Portuguese, German, French and Italian.

Give us a call (843) 725-4500.  We look forward to hearing from you.

The firm’s broad experience in representing clients in tribunals across the country combined with the zealous protection of the rights of our clients are our strongest characteristics.   We individualize each case and pursue all available legal remedies. You can count on us to effectively deal with Cancellation of Removal, Adjustment of Status, Suspension of Deportation and Applications for Political Asylum where applicable.  In cases in which no other remedy is available except compassionate circumstances, we will aggressively and deftly seek wherever feasible Deferred Departure.   If no remedy is available including voluntary departure, and if the circumstances warrant, we will seek a Waiver on your behalf to enable you to return to the United States.

In the event that the Immigration Judge in Charlotte, Atlanta or Stewart does not grant the appropriate relief based on a variety of legal and factual arguments that should have otherwise resulted in the relief that we have sought on your behalf, you will have the right to appeal to the Board of Immigration Appeals.  If we conclude that the BIA actions in denying the relief is arbitrary and capricious, or in appropriate cases under the rules where new evidence has been obtained, we will weigh your right and advise you whether we should make a Motion to Re-Open and Reconsider on your behalf.  It we believe that the Board is wrong, then we are prepared to focus our United States Court of Appeals experience on your case.  If you have been detained by the Immigration and Naturalization Service, and under certain circumstances, we have the option of proceeding through a Habeas Corpus Petition in a United States District Court.

Adjustment of Status: This relief is sought for immediate relatives of spouses or parents of US citizens in circumstances where the applicant has entered the U.S. with a visa, even though the applicant’s authorized stay has expired.  This relief is also available to applicants who have obtained a labor certification stating that there are no qualified or available US Citizens who are capable of performing the services that the applicant is able to perform.  The applicant must be in an authorized status, however.  This relief is also available to those of exceptional ability in the science or arts as long as the applicant is in an authorized stay status and can prove that they possess current widespread acclaim and international recognition requiring exceptional ability.

Find out how you can benefit from our aggressive approach.

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What Others Say About Us

  • Robert Lowe is one lawyer who has come out ahead – but not before having to dispel some stereotypes[.]…[T]he agency is now a satisfied customer [in] a score of thrift[s].

    The Wall Street Journal – January 21, 1994

  • It is fair to say that your submissions on the general’s behalf were of service to him.

    U.S. Air Force Deputy General Counsel

  • Lowe & Associates is a successful, growing law firm because they provide excellent service and counsel to their clients. It’s that simple.

    Senior Counsel and Director of Legal Programs, Government Trade Magazine – Summer 1995

  • Without your expert help, I wouldn’t have been able to do it…

    Risk Manager of Nordstrom, Inc. commenting on the establishment of a new presence at the Pentagon City and Tysons’ Corner Shopping Centers in Northern Virginia.

  • Our work with Lowe & Associates on professional liability matters has been a pleasure; they have top notch attorneys and are incredibly well-organized and responsive.

    Managing Partner of large 160-year old law firm. Government Trade Magazine – Summer 1995

  • Your selection as one of the three members of the National Exchange Club Committee on Jurisprudence and Laws is a tribute to you and to our Club.

    President of the Exchange Club of Charleston (largest Exchange Club in the country with 267 members)

  • We assembled our team of subject matter experts from across the company to meet with you in Charleston so that you would know our capabilities.

    Senior Vice President of premier global aerospace and security company

  • I appreciate all of your efforts…thanks so much for your assistance. You prepared me well…

    Senior vice president of leading strategy and consulting firm with $2.7 billion in annual sales following federal government Inspector General testimony and dismissal of investigation.

  • Many thanks to you and your great team of lawyers…[w]ho else could have so efficiently and effectively made recommendations concerning the complex issues facing these securitizations in such a short time!

    Deputy General Counsel of one of the largest banks in the Southeast US.

  • Bob, I should have known that with all the chips down, you are “game.” You are the kind of a person who makes that last putt on the last hole to win the tournament.

    Commercial client’s post-judgment remarks following a 7-day jury trial in which punitive damages and attorney’s fees were awarded by a South Carolina federal court judge.